Gastric Bypass | 3 months Post-op

May 7, 2007


Today marks the 3 month anniversary since my surgery. I can’t believe it’s already/only been 3 months.

Looking back to that day, it’s still once of the scariest, most expensive, yet best decisions I’ve made in my life. I was nervous going into the surgery, wondering what the hell I did to myself just after the surgery, and thinking if it would ever be normal again weeks after. It wasn’t until a good month and a half to two months post surgery until I realized I made the right choice. People started noticing my weight loss within the first few weeks but I didn’t. It wasn’t until about two months that I started noticing my face was thinner, my stomach was getting smaller, and my clothes were getting loose.

Today, I stand at 65 pounds lost and I’m not done yet. I’ve been losing about 20 pounds a month or so and the doctor said I’m losing weight faster than the norm. They said GB patients should lose between 80% – 90% of their excess weight. Who knows if that’s true or not but I want to be on the higher end.

Despite the surgery doing its magic, I have also been busting my arse in the gym. 3-4 times per week with weights and running. I’m trying to get down to 200 pounds despite others thinking I can’t get down to that weight since, “You have too big a build to get down to that weight.” When I was bigger, I would just get pissed off at those that said stuff like that and give up on myself…but now, it motivates me. I feel like I can, despite their critique, and that’s a huge difference mentality than before. Today I was also cleared to do sports which is great for me because I played soccer twice a week before the surgery. I’m going to join a outdoor co-ed team for starters and then ease back onto my mens team at the end of the summer. Until then, I’m training and building my strength up to be ready for the season. I’m excited I get to play again, I love soccer.

Also at my doctor’s appt. we discussed my supplement situation. I actually took all the vitamins I take down to the doctor’s office to have them look them over the jars and give them my blessing. Glad I did too because they said I need to move from taking my B12 sublingual daily to once a week now. And to take only half of a serving of calcium nitrate supplements. I’m also taking an omega-3 and my multivitamin that they thought looked perfectly fine. So I’m glad to know I was doing most things right, a little too right in some cases. :)

The last thing I wanted to share is the surprising help this blog has become to others. And if I am able to lend a helping hand to all of you that find it, I’m just as grateful for you guys following me along. I was looking at my stats, via Mint, and noticed that someone came to my blog by doing a search for ‘gastric bypass encouragement’ so I did the search myself and look what I found:

Google Search

I’m the top link in Google for that? Wow!

I’m happy to know that my positive outlook on this surgery is helping others but I believe it’s the comments of the readers that make this blog useful to the new people that drop by. So please comment and share your experiences with us!

Thanks everyone! Keep on, keepin’ on!

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11 Responses

  1. Hi, I find your story very inspiring and I was hoping you could give me some advice and information. I’ve been struggling with my weight for years. At my highest I was 340 pounds. 5 years ago I went in for surgery and opted for the lapband. It was very successful up to a certain point.. I am now around 180. However the lap band is good for a while, but now my stomach rejects it. And everytime the band has to be loosened I put weight back on with at lightning speed… one week of eating normal meals (balanced but complete) and I gain 10 ^pounds. My doctor says living with the lapband means Ive starved my body for 5 years and that’s why I lost weight. He says even if I diet.. without the ring I will inevitably gain the weight back and he’s strongly recommending that I get the gastric bypass.
    How have you gotten accustomed to it? What are the major problems with it? Are you able to have a normal day to day life or is eating a daily problem ( it was for me with the lapband ) … If you could give me some info I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!!

  2. Hi Heather,

    Gastric Bypass has been a great decision for me. I can pretty much eat anything I want but definitely not the volume as before. With that said, like lapband, it can be beaten. Liquid calories are killers to any surgery. Also understand, that’s how its worked for me but others tell different stories.

    Good luck on your decision and keep us posted.

  3. judy Sanchez

    May 11th, 2009

    hi, Its been 5 weeks now sence surgery. I lost 13 lbs. but stopped loosing noe foe a week. I really put on 5 lbs. but they took me off my water pill. is this a normal thing that can happen so soon after surgery. I can’t eat much so am really worried I won’t loose much weighed 228. then down to 210 now up to 215. your aticals are a real help thank you

  4. Becky Fultz

    June 17th, 2009

    Hi..Just wanted to share that I just had the surgery done on May 28, 2009. It was a complete success. My beginning weight was 262 in December of 2008, as of June 17, 2009, I am 215lbs. I feel great. I am just ready to have some different kids of food. I am so sick of jello and cream soups, and egg beaters. I do return to the drs next week where they will up my food list to some meats.
    I have begun doing some walking. Not a lot and at a slow pace. It is great to do that and not be out of breath.
    I have been taken off my blood pressure medicines, fluid pills, sugar meds. All have been normal..
    Great story Brad. And best wishes to everyone who has had the surgery or is planning on having it done..

  5. connie spangler

    June 21st, 2009

    hi i just wanted to say your stories is very encouraging!!!i wish i could have found more stories like this before i went in for my surgery..i didnt know what to expect i had heard more horror stories than positive out comes..but i went ahead and had the surg any way on dec 08 its been 7 months for me now. i have lost a total of 234lbs losing 49lbs the first week..5 weeks ago i found out i was 6 months pregnant and had no clue.let leaves me at becomeing pregnant about 4 weeks after surg…how scared i was to learn i was haveing a baby after all i just went threw…but they said the baby is doing well despite all of my weight loss..i feel real week from time to time wich i blame on pregnancy lol..but the weird thing i wanted to share is i have never ever vomited since surgery i have felt a tad nauseas from time to time but thats it i fell like i eat way too much but the doctors tell me my body could use more calories because i am continueing to lose 3 to 4 lbs weekly.despite being pregnant. i guess every ones body is different and it consumes the calorie intake differently..i still have 75 more lbs i want to lose but hopefully i can wait til babys born to do that..

  6. anelmountany

    October 21st, 2009

    Hi There, I have been waiting to do this operation my whole life. I am depressed, fat and lonely (even though I have a husband and 2 beautifull boys) I am 34Years old and I weigh 253pounds. I so desperately need to speak to someone that knows how I feel……


  8. Thanks for the comment. It's been a while since I remember the immediate post-op but I believe I was on liquids, even just water for the 1st week, for at least a month after that. It took a while to ensure my body was ready for the adjustment. Don't give up, you won't regret the results.

  9. gastricbypasssurgery

    December 10th, 2009

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  10. hey brad, i know you posted your updates and story along time ago, but i was hoping you still keep intouch with it. maybe you can writte more about your life as of right now, and were you stand on your weight loss. it would mean alot to me, since im going to have surgery in month or so, and im extra nervous and hope its the right choice.

  11. @Melev9538 – Be sure to see all my other posts that I've done since this one. You can come back to this page and scroll up to 'related posts' and it'll give you the ones I've recently done. Hope this helps you some.